The"3H" that's why we fight against students Junk food


Wake Up !


Time is over ! It is very urgent to save our student. They are suffering, become sick and more and more are dying. This is happening in short and medium term. But long term damage for sure will happening. This situation is insupportable. A great hand is urgent to give.


We are sending a call to everyone, we are all concern with for fundraising.


Fundraising is essential for our actions. It is the first means that engage each of us to be responsible. Solidarity actions are the basement making any charity alive.





Time is running out! During the outbreak of the pandemic and the quarantine that followed, more and more students opted out of cooking and for online delivery due to financial, mobile and time constraints, and have continued this habit even after the quarantine. As mentioned on the 'Our Story' page, major food insecurity is one of the main triggers for junk food consumption. Students are already subsisting on fast food for months and maybe even years because of this pandemic-increased insecurity, if we don't do something about it now!


While short-term effects may not be immediately apparent at first glance, the long-term damage is fatal. As we have already explained in more detail on the page "Nutrition", the malnutrition described above seriously weakens the immune system, which in times of a worldwide pandemic can not only result in illness, but can even be fatal. Due to the facts described, an immediate change in the students' diet is essential. However, since many of them do not manage on their own to rethink their eating habits and break out of the pattern, we would like to offer them support in choosing a balanced diet.


With the help of our app, students will be able to get an overview of all the organic food shops in the area and get a discount on the products. We partner with any market that specialises in fresh, organic food: farmers, organic shops, markets, supermarkets, etc. This way, we aim to help students make the right choices. In this way, we pursue the goal of providing students with good and affordable food to guarantee them good nutrition and, at the same time, provide for their health.


However, the foundation that makes any charity come alive is the solidarity actions of our fellow human beings. That's why we work hard to organise fundraising events for our student aid to ensure their future. So if you have a friend or family member suffering from malnutrition, if you are affected yourself, or simply if you are willing to take responsibility and actively do something sustainable to improve the present and the future of students, DONATE to our IWUINU PROGRAMME! We are sending out an appeal for donations to all people who would like to support us in saving the students! Every donation means one less student falling ill. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


I'm student

I'm not student






Anyone who would like to help move the Iwuinu programme forward is welcome. We need capable people who are interested in the issues of health, nutrition and the environment, or people who are themselves affected by the issues. These can be primarily the students themselves, family members of those affected, various associations and all organisations that are intensively involved in healthy nutrition, agriculture and the environment.